iTEP Intern

Intern and Trainee English Assessment

Effective communication skills are an essential part of professional growth as an intern. The iTEP Intern English test was created to provide business owners and hiring managers with the most accurate information possible for recruiting and placing only the most capable interns and apprentices. Using content specific to business, this test focuses on speaking and listening skills, and has proved to be the best way to assess the English ability of your interns.


In each section, examinees will encounter content and questions targeted to varying levels of proficiency.

A Listening — 20 minutes/ three parts
Part 1. Eight high-beginning to low-intermediate level short conversations of two to three sentences, each followed by one multiple-choice question.
Part 2. One two- to three-minute intermediate-level conversation, followed by five multiple-choice questions.
Part 3. One four-minute upper-level lecture, followed by five multiple-choice questions.

B Speaking — 5 minutes/ two parts (plus one minute warm-up section)
Part 1. The examinee hears and reads a short question geared to low-intermediate level, then has 30 seconds to prepare a spoken response and 45 seconds to speak.
Part 2. The examinee hears a brief upper-level statement presenting two sides of an issue, then is asked to express his or her thoughts on the topic, with 45 seconds to prepare and 60 seconds to speak.

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