iTEP Test Security

  • iTEP utilizes a rotating item bank that generates test questions randomly. This makes it so no two tests will be the same.
  • Test-takers must provide proctors with a government-issued ID upon entering the testing site. A second identity confirmation check occurs during the registration process.
  • iTEP Kiosk-Mode Software (installed directly into the testing computer) ensures students have no access to the computer’s desktop or browsers for the duration of the exam.
  • Reference materials, food, drink, and other personal effects are not permitted in the testing area.
  • FotoSure™, a proprietary software offered exclusively by iTEP International, monitors test-takers during the testing process by accessing the computer’s camera and routinely photographing the scene.
  • Live proctors will be present during the entire test duration and will actively monitor all test-takers to ensure there are no security violations. Proctors reserve the right to dismiss anyone from the testing site if they believe there has been a violation of security conditions.
  • Aside from evaluating iTEP’s speaking and writing sections, our graders help in post-test security monitoring by conducting plagiarism scans, checking testing history, and analyzing speaking samples.