Why iTEP?

The globally recognized International Test of English Proficiency (iTEP) is now available in Thailand under the authorized distributorship of Rose Marie Academy, a well-recognized educational institution which has been providing English language educational services to the Thai and international communities for over twenty-five years. These tests provide an exciting and practical alternative to other tests currently on the market in that they give fast feedback following testing. They are diagnostic, secure, and less costly.

This range of tests can be used for many purposes. In middle schools and high schools English proficiency can be assessed and analyzed to indicate paths to improvement with further periodic testing. In universities and institutes of tertiary education iTEP tests can be used for admission and assessing language needs; further tests can then be administered before graduation. Employers can use these tests for prospective employees to gauge their English language proficiency and in addition for existing employees to provide information for accurate placement within the company.

The iTEP test results are accepted worldwide by educational institutions and employers and correlate with the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

iTEP History

iTEP or the International Test of English Proficiency was founded in 2002 by Sharif Ossayran and Perry Akins, two individuals with deep roots in the international education field. Together, they embarked on the creation of an English proficiency test that addressed the needs of the international education community.

Our first test, iTEP Academic was introduced in 2008 and quickly became popular with a wide variety of organizations. It is now accepted by the admissions offices of hundreds of US colleges and universities, as well as many Intensive English Programs throughout the country.

Soon after our product range began to boom with the addition of iTEP SLATE and iTEP Business. The use of innovative technology, mixed with the academic prowess of our staff and supporters, has guaranteed iTEP International remains a world-renowned test of English proficiency.